Sharing Tropy Database with a Team?

Hi everyone,

What is the best way to share the contents of one’s Tropy database with a team? Is there an easy way to do this without data loss or is my best bet just to make the raw files available through cloud storage?


If this is a standard project, you can share the .tropy folder (e.g., via cloud storage or a USB drive). You’ll be able to open the project this way on other devices. If you share a project this way, you need to be careful because the other devices can make changes to the project and they will be saved to the project file (in the case of cloud storage this can be problematic or cause sync conflicts if you open the project at the same time on multiple devices). To protect your project you can make a copy and only share the copy (this way nothing can happen to your original file). Additionally, you can take other precautions, for example, on the other devices you can mark the shared copy as read-only. If Tropy opens a read-only project file it will not allow to make any changes. In general, making a backup copy of your project file before you share it is always a good idea.

Advanced projects can be shared the same way most of the time, but it will depend on where your photo files are stored.

There are also other options to share the project. For example, you could use the archive plugin to export all items in your project (or only a certain range of items) – your team members could then import those items into their own project files. Alternatively, if the purpose of sharing is more informative than for collaboration you could export items as a PDF and share them that way.

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