Shortcut for Rename Tag


First. I love this software. Thank you developers!

Problem: My project contains over 9,000 items and (I estimate) over 3,000 tags. I am now in the process of consolidating similar tags that I accidentally did not standardize from the beginning: e.g. “church bells,” “bells,” “bells (church),” “monastery bells,” etc.

Solution: I would like to use a shortcut or just “click and wait” to modify tags, instead of right-clicking and selecting “rename tag.” I know this is only removes one keystroke, but one keystroke multiplied by 800-1000 instances ends up being a lot.

Thank you for considering this request.


We’re planning to introduce a new widget for tag selection and management. The current solution was not designed with thousands of tags in mind, but we’ve seen many projects like yours so that’s something we intend to address. Unfortunately I can’t give you a timeline on this, but we’d like to have this sooner rather than later.

In the meantime, we’ll look into adding a shortcut. Do you have a suggestion for the key to use?

Wow! I’m flattered! :slight_smile:

How about Cmd + E (for Edit)?

Or, like on computer OS files/folders, maybe click to highlight and click again to “open” the tag for editing? This might be even easier.

We were wondering why you’re trying to rename the tags. It sounds like you would like to combine or merge multiple, similarly named tags – but that would not require renaming, right? I guess what you’d be looking for is to merge several tags into a single one (and then removing the others) or did I miss something?

Hi! Yes that is correct. What I meant by renaming is simply doing as you say—merging multiple tags under a single tag—but I wrote “renaming” because I want that single tag to be a new tag. So if there are three tags—say, “backstroke”, “freestyle”, and “breaststroke”—I want to combine them all under the new tag “swimming.” Sorry for the confusion.


I know you said there is no timeline at present for new tag features, so not to press(!), but do you have a rough idea when that keyboard shortcut and/or any other tag editing features will appear? I’m budgeting my research time for the summer and would like to determine if I should work on other aspects of my project or forge ahead with tag editing.

Thanks again!

We’re planning to implement the merge tags functionality in the coming weeks. Barring any unexpected complications I’d hope for it to land in one of the upcoming releases this summer.

One more thing I noticed that would improve workflow: When a tag is highlighted, it would be nice to use up/down arrow keys to move to and highlight tags that are above or below (like on a list of files on an OS). At present, up/down arrow keys simply scroll the tag list. Highlighting is a bit more functional than scrolling since it allows one to focus one’s attention on a single tag.

Yes, eventually we’ll replace the current list of tags with a different widget. Besides navigating the list with the keyboard, we’d also like to make it possible to search or apply filters to list. But this will be a bigger update.