Shortcuts for transcription window?

In order to enhance transcriptions / notes typing, could it be possible to add shortcuts, beyond Boldface, Italic and Underline, to Strikethrough, Superscript and Subscript?

Absolutely, let’s track the request on GitHub. Which keyboard bindings would you expect?

It would be really nice to be able to change the font size of transcriptions.

Do you mean to increase the font size in general (i.e. all notes) for legibility reasons? Or would you like to change the font size of individual lines (i.e., have text in different sizes in the same note).

If it is the former, there is a relatively easy way to change the font size by placing a custom style-sheet in your user data folder. Happy to post an example, in case that’s what you’re looking to do!

I would like to decrease the font size (and spacing between lines) for transcriptions, so that I can see more of what I’m transcribing in a single view without scrolling

Try this:

  1. Find your user data folder. The easiest way to do this, is to select Help > Show Log Files and go up one folder.
  2. Paste this stylesheet into your user data folder: style.css (57 Bytes).
  3. Restart Tropy.

Be aware that you can toggle the line wrap via right click on the editor (less scrolling, more accurate line wrap for transcriptions).

Hello! Arabic script is too small to be read comfortably. I tried pasting the above style.css into the folder above the log files and then restarted. Didn’t change anything. Any other way to increase font size in notes?

Could you post a screenshot? If Arabic script is too small to read we might have to adjust the default styles. Out of curiosity, though, would Arabic script require RTL input?

I think the stylesheet above would actually decrease the font size not increase it. In any case, adjusting the stylesheet should definitely work; the styles above are just an example.

Tropy will load custom styles from: <user-data>/style.css and <user-data>/style-<theme>.css where <theme> is either ‘light’ or ‘dark’ (based on which theme is active).

(To make it easier to experiment with the styles you can also enable developer mode in the preferences and open the dev-tools from the developer menu.)

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Hi! I manually went in and bumped it up to size 22 and that helped (see attached). Will keep going and it should work.

Thanks for the tips on custom styles, but what you’re describing is above my pay-grade/knowledge. I don’t know CSS stylesheets at all. Assuming that just refers, on a Mac, to the “Tropy” folder in “Application Support”?

Re: RTL, the Tropy notes support it fine – or at least as fine as does a text-editor etc. Sometimes you lose track of where the cursor is going to put stuff and delete things and want to die but otherwise seems to work.

Got it big enough!

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I got this to work - Thanks!

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