Signalling project vs. list

If I understand correctly, a project is entirely self-contained, and switching projects menas switching to an entirely new Tropy window.

Right now, the name of the project appears in the sidebar along with a list of lists, tags, and deleted items. This leads me to expect I might see a list of projects (as I might in Zotero). It might be good to move the project name to the top of the window, signaling its role as the root of all the info you see in that window.

Thank you, these are good points. We have been discussing how best to support opening multiple projects at the same time: it would either be multiple windows or, possibly, listing more than one project name in the sidebar and letting you switch projects there — so it’s not entirely off the table that there will not be multiple projects listed in the sidebar.

Even so, I think it’s good to have the project in the sidebar, because we may need an anchor for some project related settings in the immediate future — this is something that may not easily work in the window title bar (on Linux and Windows the project name is already printed there).

That makes sense. Regardless of which way you go, making clear visually that lists (as well as tags? trash?) belong to projects would be really helpful. Maybe by indenting/nesting them under the project in the sidebar, or what have you.

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