Signing in to Tropy

My iMac has recently been upgraded and problems sorted. In the process I have lost my usual access to Tropy and my own files. PLEASE help!

It should be no problem to reinstall Tropy; the important thing is that you still have access to your project files and the original photos you imported. (This might also be a good moment to make a backup copy on an external/cloud drive!)

If your files are still there, just go to the website download the latest version of Torpy for your iMac. If you’re using macOS Sierra or older, recent versions of Tropy are not supported anymore. In that case you can still download and use previous releases as I’ve mentioned in the other thread. For example, version 1.5.4 should definitely work, but I would urge you strongly to first check what version of Tropy you’d been using previously, because if you were using a newer version of Tropy your project files may expect features which were not in 1.5.4.