Skewed photos in viewer

I’ve used Tropy for 2 years with no problems until this past month. When I open a collection of photos, they appear skewed (shot an at angle) in the viewer. I’m unsure why. The original photos are not skewed and when I open them in another program, they do not appeared skewed.

I’ve tried re-uploading the files into Tropy again, but the viewer still shows them at an angle. The photos are of archival texts, so they’re very difficult to read now at this weird slanted angle. Any suggestions?

Can you post a screenshot of this?

Are you running Tropy Beta by any chance?

Yes, I am. I’m not tech savvy; did I download the wrong version?

Oh, that explains it: this is the last issue blocking the 1.8 release. It’s caused by an underlying bug in Chromium which we’re currently trying to work around. We will make another beta release as soon as this is resolved (hopefully later this week or next).

There was a brief period about two years ago, if I remember correctly, where the Windows download link on the website pointed to the Beta, so you probably were on the Beta all this time because of our mistake.

Generally, it’s best to use the stable release. It should be relatively easy to just install the stable release now and open your project there (if you use any custom templates, vocabularies, or plugins you’d have to install them there again) – and, if you’re sure that everything is fine you can uninstall the Beta.

It’s possible to migrate your image caches and preferences, but it’s probably not worth the effort. But since you’ve had no issues for 2 years, you could probably just leave everything and switch later whenever it’s convenient (for example when moving to a different computer). In any case, we’re happy to help if you have any question about this of course.