Some first reviews

First of all I am really excited to use this software which could be the first one !
I work on photographic collections and it could be a wonderfull tool to annote and study pictures.

I look forward to a version where you can custom your own templates and export the base to csv.

Right now, I’ve tried to import about one hundred picts and started to tag them. Yesterday it was just perfect : I created some lists, to organize picts as they are in the archives. But today, when I opened the file, many lists appear strange : I cannot click on them no more, I’m just able to change with arrow keys, and when I’m on the list, I don’t see its content but the content of another list !! [capture] I note on the other hand that the tags work perfectly when I select the entire base.

I haven’t tried to play with the annotations by now, I think I will create a new base and try. I will keep you posted.

Thanks for your feedback!

It is not immediately clear to me what has gone wrong in this case; perhaps you would like to send me the project file (the .tpy file which, by default, would be in your Documents folder) then I can take a look to check if those items above are really in the the “011 - Façades” list or whether something is wrong with the search query in this case. The four lists at the bottom without a (visible) name are also somewhat suspicious — did you create those lists like that or are they, perhaps, the lists have disappeared?

In any case, looking at the .tpy project file may help clear this up.

We are planning to release another beta within the next two weeks which will allow you to start experimenting with custom templates.

Regarding export: we’re initially looking to add support to export items to json (json-ld). Because you mentioned CSV explicitly, I would be curious to know how you would expect the data to be arranged — since each item can have a different template, I’m not sure that CSV is a format that would be easy to process.

Thanks for your answer and this excellent new that we will experiment custom templates in a few days !

I can sure send you the file. But where ? Here I can only join picts.

You’re right for the four empty lists : they have appeared at the same time the other disappeared.

Regarding csv : I work with Museums and Archives who use spreedsheats and I want to be able to exchange data with them. Therefore, I would like to be able to custom template, but will use only one in the whole base.

About that, I tried first to import all the images (4500) but the soft did not like it very much : it didn’t crash, but ran so slowly that I could not do anything. :slight_smile:

I sure will have many more questions, especially about the possibility of affixing graphic annotations on picts.

Sorry about that (we’re just learning the ropes here on the Forum) — you should be able to upload .tpy files now!

You’re right, the current beta is not optimized to handle displaying a large number of items yet. But not to worry, this is definitely something we will address as we approach our first stable release.

Manufrance 001-050.tpy (448 KB)

Hope it works.

Thanks! I’ll take a look at the project — hopefully we can learn something from it!

I hope so !
Thanks for your reactivity.