Sorting photos by date taken on camera (in metadata)

Is it possible to sort photographs by time taken? I realize this information is available in the metadata, but the photos I imported are now in an entirely different order after I’ve imported them, making it much more difficult to sort and edit.

The program has also been crashing when I try to add photos. I’ve trying adding smaller numbers at a time, but now it crashes with only a handful at a time.

Looking forward to using this program!

You can control the sort order via the columns in the item table; we’re working on making this visible in the grid too and, more importantly allow you to change the visible columns there. So at the moment, I’m sorry to say, you can’t yet pick ‘creation date’ as the sort column. However, customizable columns is at the top of our todo list – will be coming soon!

If Tropy crashes, you can help us debug by posting the log files here. You can open the log folder from the Help menu. Then, if Tropy crashed, you would find main.log and project.log there which would hopefully tell us what happened (please note that Tropy overwrites these files, so if you want to report an issue, please copy the log files after the crash).

Thank you! This works for now.