SQLITE_CANTOPEN: unable to open database file

This is the error message I’m getting when I try to open my project on Tropy. I deleted Tropy and redownloaded it, and that did not seem to help.

This error means that Tropy is trying to open a file which is not actually a Tropy project file. Does this happen when you try to open a file manually or does Tropy try to open this file automatically?

Where is the file on your computer? Sometimes this error happens when the file is on a network drive or currently not accessible due to insufficient permissions (which, in turn, can be caused recent macOS versions after a system update).

Anyway, I’m sure we can help you figure out what the problem is.

Hi, thanks for the reply. The file is saved to icloud. I turned on read and write permission but still can’t get it to open.

Can you access the file in Finder? We’ve seen exactly this problem in the past when there was a pending iCloud update – I don’t use iCloud myself, so I’m not certain exactly how this happened, but essentially there was an iCloud update that required users to accept updated terms of service or something along those lines: the update did not proceed until the new terms were approved and access to the iCloud was locked.

If everything else looks good, can you try moving the file to a different location that is not managed by iCloud and try opening it from there? If that works we can rule out any file corruption at least.

Whenever I try to open the project file it just keeps creating another copy of the file onto my desktop. I cannot access the file in Finder.

All of this happened when my computer had been running slowly and ran out of space, so it was no longer able to complete any updates or back up and sync itself. We bought an external hard drive, in an attempt to remedy these issues, and unfortunately Tropy has not been the same since then.

Can you elaborate on this? Tropy should not automatically create new project files by itself. If you start Tropy, it will try to open your most recent project if the file exists; if it does not exist, it will show an empty project window instead and wait for you to manually select a file (or create a new project). If you’ve moved the project file to your external hard drive Tropy won’t be able to open it automatically the first time – in that case you can simply press Cmd+o in the project window and select the file at it’s new location. (For performance reasons, I would suggest to keep the Tropy project file on your local hard drive; the project file itself will only take up a fraction of the space used by the actual photos, so moving photos to an external drive but keeping the project file on the local drive is usually a good trade off).

In any case, to open an existing project file, the file needs to be accessible on your system. You say that you can’t access the file in Finder – do you mean that the file is not there, or that you have insufficient privileges to open it? To check the file’s permissions you, for example, select it in Finder and then press Cmd+i to see all the file’s properties.

I just have the same problem. The error message appears automatically when I open Tropy (I had only one project). I have all the pictures in my local hard drive and everything is in the same place).

Is the file still there and do you have the necessary permissions to access it?

All my pictures still there and I have the permissions. What I can´t find is any .tpy file.

Well, it depends on where you originally created the file. By default it would be saved to your Documents folder. You can also check the tropy.log file (Help -> Show log files) to see exactly which file Tropy is trying to access.

It should be in my Documents folder but is gone now.

Are you sure you’re getting the SQLITE_CANTOPEN error? This error suggests that the file exists, but can’t be opened; if the file is not there at all Tropy should open an empty project window instead.

In any case, you need to find the file before your can open it. Please note that Tropy will never move or delete a project file; my best guess is that you inadvertently moved or renamed the file.

Yes, I have the SQLITE error.

{“msg”:“C:\Users\lenovo\Documents\Tesis de doctorado.tpy”,“stack”:“Error: SQLITE_CANTOPEN: unable to open database file”,“system”:“Windows_NT 10.0.18363 (x64)”,“time”:1588002553210,“version”:“1.7.0”}

Maybe something happened when I installed the 1.7.0 vesion. Anyway, I will try to find the file.