SQLITE_CORRUPT : how to restore ancient version

Hello !
My Tropy crashed twice today. Once while I was merging files. A window with this message was displayed : “SQLITE CORRUPT : database image is malformed”. I had a more recent version of my project, so I opened this version to overcome this problem. But, while I was importing the photos that disappeared following the first bug, the same problem appeared and now I no longer have a version to restore… That’s several hours of work, I wish I could get it back. Thank you in advance !

If you send a link to your project file (you can send it as a direct message), we’ll take a look to see if the database file can be restored.

It’s extremely rare that the SQLite file becomes malformed, more so if this happened twice with two different files. Did you notice any other issues with the hard drive in question or with your computer’s batters/power supply? Is this an internal or external hard drive?

Sorry I don’t know how to send a direct message… How do I do ?
No, there was no particular issues with the hard drive or with my
computer… And it’s an internal hard drive