SQLITE error when migrating to Tropy 1.0 from Beta

I’ve followed instructions to upgrade to Tropy 1.0 having begun developing a project in Beta. However, neither my old project(s) nor the copies I made as per instructions are opening in the new version (NB. I had no custom tables to export as far as I could tell). I have been able to start a new ‘test’ project, but not open existing ones. They still open just fine in Tropy Beta.

The error message I get reads:
Migration #1708121306 failed: SQLITE_ERROR: table selections already exists

Any advice much appreciated!

Could you post your project file here? We can try to migrate them for you.

That would be ace! Here’s the main one… Royal correspondence - Copy.tpy (844 KB)

Thanks heaps

And the smaller one: Low Countries - Copy.tpy (236 KB)


The reason the migration fails is that your project was created with one of the early betas last June – this is from before we enabled automatic migrations, because the schema was not stable yet.

However, you clearly qualify for the early adopter bonus. There are a few ways we can go about it, but I think the best approach is to migrate only the project’s data to a new project rather than trying to manually migrate the schema. I’ve taken a first stab at this – can you try opening the project below and let me know if there are any issues with it? When you open the project, select File -> Consolidate Photo Library and give Tropy some time to re-build the image cache. If this looks good I’ll migrate the other project and post some instructions here.

Royal Correspondence.tpy (964 KB)

That seems to have worked :smile:"