Strange configuration of images

I use Mac; recently consolidated photos. The photos I see in the larger view do not correspond to the ones that appear in smaller view. See attached. (the photo file is correct, as it corresponds to the photo in the larger image, but not to the one in the smaller photo in the smaller view.

screen shot

How did you consolidate the photos? Basically, the photo in the item view is loaded directly from the original photo path; the small versions are created during import or consolidation. If the photos change, after you imported or consolidated them it can happen that the small thumbnails are out of sync. In that case you would consolidate the photo again.

But since this is a completely different photo, I think something went wrong during consolidation (what exactly depends on how you consolidated and how your photos are stored and named).

Thanks for the response. Is there a way to figure out what went wrong? Or should I just consolidate again? (and does that process involve more than just clicking “consolidate photos” again?)

We might be able to reconstruct what went wrong if you remember exactly how you consolidated the photos and how you moved or renamed the photos on your drive. Tropy stores the path to your photo and creates thumbnails: if the photo at the given path changes later on, then Tropy will have the wrong thumbnails, like in your screenshot.

How to fix the situation depends on which photo is the correct one (i.e., which one aligns with your metadata). If the large photo in the item view is the correct one, then you would simply consolidate the photo via the context menu and Tropy will fix the wrong thumbnails.

If the thumbnails are correct but the large photo in the item view is wrong, the situation is more complicated: this suggests that the path of your photo points to a wrong, existing file. The only way this could have happened is that you moved, renamed, or copied a different file to the location of the original photo – the easiest solution would be to move the original file back.