Switching between photo view and item view?

Is it possible to switch or toggle between viewing all items and viewing all photos that are included within a list, or marked with a tag? I see that there is a separate photos pane on the right side of the main view.

I’m an art historian working with folios from dispersed manuscripts, so I’m merging photos from both sides of a folio into an object. Depending on what I’m analyzing, I would like to be able to switch back and forth between viewing all items and all images.

I’m not sure I understand exactly what you’re trying to do? In the project view, you can switch between seeing all items and tagged items or items in a list by selecting the respective lists/tags in the sidebar or by clicking on the project name to clear the selection.

When you select items in the project view, the photo panel will show all the photos of these items. When you open an item, Tropy switches to the item view where you can only see the photos of a single item.

I guess your question is about switching back and forth between item and project view? You can press escape (or the back button on your mouse, if it has one) to switch back to project view while you’re in item view. In item view, the current item should still be selected so you can often just use the keyboard shortcut to go up or down a few items and open that one to switch back to item view.

If you would like to switch items, while in item view, without going back to the project view, you can do so using global short cuts: Alt + Arrow up/down moves to the next or previous item (Alt + Arrow left/right moves to the next or previous photo).

Thank you so much for the quick response, and apologies that my questions wasn’t very clear. I guess I’m asking if in Project View there is some way to either make the photos panel bigger, switch the main project panel for the photos panel, or toggle the main project panel between items and photos “mode.”

When working on this project, I find I want to be able to see all of the photos simultaneously to look for visual patterns across items, but since they’re merged items I can only see the first page.

Oh, thanks, now I understand what you meant. I suppose you’ve already noticed that you can resize the panel (you can also minimize the metadata/tags and note panels by double-clicking on those panel headers) but it’s probably still too small?

We’ll think about how to improve this. I notice that the panel currently has a fixed maximum width and it may be possible to adjust that, to allow you to make the panel even larger than the item table/grid. Another possibility we discussed in the past was to allow for photos in the item table/grid to be expanded similar to the way selections can be expanded in the photo panel.