Switching from old custom template to tropy generic

Hello - At some point my custom templates began to have that weird thing in the red box instead of a custom template label. I’m finding when I just change it to Tropy generic, my custom metadata is at the bottom with the fields in italics.

I am fine with that, but I want to make sure that I am not actually losing metadata by simply changing the item type to Tropy generic. Thanks!

You’ll never lose an item’s metadata by changing the template. The template guides which fields are visible and in which order: if your item happens to have additional metadata fields, not defined by template, they’re added as ‘extra fields’ at the bottom.

The reason why your custom template is marked red is that it seems to be missing in your current Tropy installation. This most likely happened when you moved to a new computer or if your Tropy user data was deleted at some point (e.g., if you re-installed your operating system). If you still have your template you can import it again (if you don’t have the template but still have the original installation of Tropy, for example on an old computer, you can open Tropy there and export the template).

Alternatively you could create a new custom template with all the fields you require. Then simply select all items in your project and change the template in bulk mode – this way you only need to make the change once for all items.

Thanks so much for this answer! This is really great. I re-installed my operating system at some point - that’s what happened.

I no longer have my original template. I’ll either do option A (just keep changing them to Tropy generic with the extra fields at the bottom) or option C make a new custom template and swap them all at once.