Tab from field to field in Metadata

Nice if could tab or return from field to field in the metadata pane.

You’re probably tired of hearing from me. But I’m really getting into using Tropy. Liking it better and better.

Once one field is ‘active’ for editing, pressing tab should cycle through all the other fields. You can ‘activate’ a field either by clicking on it, or by tabbing to the metadata panel. That last one is a bit subtle, basically, press tab repeatedly and you should notice how the keyboard focus cycles through the search field, the sidebar, the item table/grid and the panels (when a panel gets the focus, the background changes subtly). When the metadata panel has the focus you can hit the ‘Arrow Down’ or ‘Enter’ key to descend into the first field: once the field is activated pressing tab should cycle through the fields (*) – does that not work for you? If it does not, please let me know which operating system you’re on so that I can try to reproduce. Thanks!

(*) I just noticed that Shift-Tab, to go backwards through the fields takes you back to the item table; that’s actually a bug, it should take you back to the previous field.

Oops, yes this works. I thought I tried this before.

Now I see where I went astray. I type and the item shows up, I arrow down to select and hit return to accept that value; that disallows tabbing. Hitting return to select a value from a dropdown list is what I’m used to.

This might be a bug or at least is a feature request.

If you use the arrow keys to select a completion, the input changes to that value and if you tab away at this point it will be saved. The behavior of the Enter key to stop editing is intentional, but I see your point: we’ll revisit key handling in the metadata panel at some point and consider changing this. Thanks!