Tags have vanished from metadata

All the tags I had assigned to Troki images have disappeared! The tags are still listed, but all the tags have vanished from the metadata for individual files…


How many items have lost their tags? The only way to clear all tags off an item is via the the tags context menu of a single item (by selecting ‘None’ in the tags sub-menu). I guess this is something that could happen by accident for one item (you can use undo if it happens!) but it’s not likely that you did this for multiple items or even all of them. The only other way to clear tags is by selecting them in the tag panel one by one and hitting backspace. This way you could remove the tags from all items if you select all items and then remove each tag individually in the panel: it’s not conceivable that this would happen by accident. Are you sure the tags are gone off all items?

If you like I can take a look at the project file to check the database directly.

Thanks so much for your quick response.
Looking at this problem more closely, I now believe that what has happened is that dozens upon dozens of images have been deleted, not tags. But I have no idea how that might have happened. I’ll gladly send you the tpy file for inspection if that would be useful.


“Problem” solved.

The problem was not what I thoguht it was: I had not noticed that there was a search term left over from my last Tropy session in the “Search” box. Any filename that did not match was not shown.

Apparently Tropy retains the contents of the search box even after quitting and relaunching the program. May I suggest a change? Set it to clear the search box upon startup (or quitting, one or the other!).

Thank you.

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