TEI/XML encoding in the notes section

I’d love to be able to use the notes function to encode material (particularly where I am transcribing documents that I am viewing in Tropy) - although I can copy and paste encoded transcriptions from elsewhere, these do not retain their structured formatting once they are in Tropy, and obviously does not have the tagging auto-complete etc. available with xml documents. Would be great to transcribe directly into Tropy and possibly use these xml tags to link with the metadata options already there - thanks!

We’ll explore this a little bit. I think a plaintext input mode and relatively simple syntax highlighting (e.g., to distinguish between tags and content) might work. What do you have in mind with regard to structured formatting?

Thank you for the reply! Certainly syntax highlighting would be helpful visually, but if possible also the autofill element of tag closing - this is the main reason I transcribe in a code editor rather than Tropy as it saves a lot of time and is easier to follow. For structured formatting I was primarily thinking in terms of the automatic indenting with the tree structure when working in a primarily coding environment - makes it easier to keep track of the structure and move between sections, particularly useful if transcribing complex layouts in one image/item.