Templates lost after windows resset

I had to replace my computer this month due to hardware defect and when I reinstalled Tropy I noticed that while I was able to get right back into my project, my customized templates are gone. How do I get them back w/o rebuilding them from scratch? I, perhaps naively, thought that they would be backed up w the main tropy file, but maybe not?

Yes, Tropy stores your templates in a separate database (the ontology.db file in your ‘user-data’ directory, also see here) because templates are not restricted to a single project. If you can still open Tropy on your old computer you can export your custom template there, copy the file and import it on your new computer. If you can’t use your old computer anymore but still have access to your old hard disk (or a backup), you could also copy the whole ontology.db file to your new computer.

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Ugh. Will make sure to do a more thorough backup next time instead of just backing up the Tropy file and my photos, which is what I had been doing.

Unfortunately I don’t have access to that harddrive anymore since Microsoft would not send a replacement until they received the defective one. Will see if I can sort out how to reconstruct them the long way.

It should be relatively easy to re-create your templates: the items will still have all the fields, without the template they might just be in a different order.

When creating a new template in Tropy’s template editor, Tropy creates a pseudo-random id for the template; you can use the id of your original template, then all items should automatically be assigned to the new version.