The error code when I export my mendate by csv plugin

I a fresh user from China. I learned how to export my data just a moment, but I find a problem of error code in the exported CSV file when I use Excel. may because I have a lot of Simplified Chinese in my data.

When I use the function of copy or open the csv file by Notepad and save as other coding ways like ANSI, the problem will disappear. That is not a big problem, but if you can fix it in the next version, it will be greater.

Additionally, could you plus an option of deleting the file address in the exported csv file? though delete it by hand is easy.

by the way, the plugin version I use is 1.0

With the CSV plugin, can you try if you also have the encoding issue if you do not export to a file, but instead to the clipboard? There is a plugin option that lets you export to the clipboard instead of saving a file – if you do that, then you can paste the CSV into another application or file.

As for the file paths: you can exclude them also in the plugin options if you disable the Include photos? options.

no that error when I use the clipboard

thank you for reply