Tif-Files supported?

Will .tif-Files (or any other type than .jpg) be supported in future versions of the software?

Yes, we are planning to support more image formats (it is not a priority for 1.0 though): we’re always interested to hear which formats you’d like to see supported and why (especially if the images have embedded metadata like Exif or XMP).

the reason here is not so much embeddes metadata but the quality of the images, especially for printed reproductions. if you get images from museums/ professional image archives or databases they are most likely to be .tif files and often very large (100mb or more). For my case, I would wish to join f.e. one .jpg file and one .tif file of the same image to one tropy item, being able to choose depending on the specific use, but having them grouped as one item.


I’d second this – lossless file types (like TIFF) are ideal in some disciplines, especially if there is value in how the file is represented digitally. I can see how this would be a great tool for researchers who are using devices that automatically generate many images, or many slices of images (like in biology, for example, and studying slices of a rat heart).


Would be lovely to be able to import images in tiff format! Please DO consider! So many photos come in tiff format.

For my work tiff format is critical. All of our images require it. Tropy looks like a great platform for many other reasons but until we can store tiff, it won’t do the job.

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Has there been any progress towards supporting tif files? For many of us, we have to work in this format.


TIFF integration is on our agenda for the next development cycle, which will be begin this fall.

TIFF support will be coming in Tropy 1.3.2 very soon. If you’re using TIFFs (in particular if you’re using multi-page TIFFs) we’d be happy to hear from you (sample images might help to make ensure the way we map multi-page TIFFs to items/photos in Tropy makes sense).