Tip to erase JPG comments

I have had, as some other users, the problem of having very long comments with weird caracters imported in the Description field of some picture that i would import in my library.
I pasted some of these long comments in word to see how they look and i noticed they would always would mention, in my case, “appleiphone”, since I used an iphone to take the pictures.
I figured out that this info could be used to one’s advantage, when importing a bunch of photos you don’t have to check one by one if they have the weird JPG comment in them, if you always have the mention of your phone/camera/etc in this description, you can enter “apple” or the first letter of you phone’s name in the search bar to select all the pictures with the weird jpg (and then remove it)
Of course it is still a bit burdensome, but I guess it can help a bit until the issue is solved