"Toggle Link" Button


Could someone help me understand how the “toggle link” button works in the note-pad? I can’t seem to get the trick of it, and I keep removing links accidentally.

My exact problem is this: To create a link, I select a word, click “toggle link,” and paste a URL into the field that opens up. When I want to visit a link, Ctrl + click doesn’t work (I’m running Tropy 1.9.0 on Windows), so I click the “toggle link” button, but that deletes it the URL instead of displaying it.

Hm, this sounds like you’re trying to use it exactly as intended: Ctrl+Click opens the URL for me just fine on Linux. I’ll try to see if I can reproduce the issue on Windows. The URL is passed on to the system, so it should open fine as long as the URI scheme is registered properly – did you enter URLs without a protocol (i.e., http://)? That could cause the system not to be able to do anything with the link. (It’s worth considering to default to http:// if the URL has no protocol as well.)

OK, I’ve figured it out. When the text to which a link is attached is formatted in particular ways (bolded, italicized, underlined, overlined, set in superscript, or set in subscript), the link doesn’t open.

While we’re on this topic: Is there a way to see the URL without removing it? When I press “toggle link” while selecting text with a link, the link is removed. When I press it again, the field opens but is automatically filled with the most recent URL I had pasted elsewhere in my note.

Good catch! The link detection seems not to work correctly when there are additional marks applied to the text. We’ll address that.

I’d been under the impression that the URL should be displayed as a hint when you hover over the link, but this doesn’t seem to be the case. Or perhaps the link menu was supposed to slide in if the cursor is on the link? Either way, there seems to be a regression there, we’ll take a look at it!


Do you think this will be fixed in the next version? I still see this happening in 1.10.0.

Yes, this will be fixed in 1.11.