Translation of Tropy?

I see a folder in tropy called locales that contains .pak files that, according to the filenames, should be related to localization of the software but :

  • I have not been able to open these files (ubuntu, tried unrar and different other uncompress tools);
  • I have not been able to find in Tropy the place to define the language;

Is this normal and is Tropy not ready yet for internationalization?

With the exception of some details regarding handling translations in metadata, vocabularies and templates (which would affect mostly metadata labels in the UI) Tropy is ready to be translated; we don’t have any translations yet and have not established a workflow for collecting them, but if you’d be interested to provide translations we’ll look to expedite the process.

Most of the locale-relevant info is currently defined in YAML files (which are included in Tropy’s asar package). You can see the relevant files here to get an idea of the current content:

Thanks @inukshuk for the explanation. Definitely interested in helping with the translation when everything is ready for it. i don’t know how compatible it is with these yaml files but which is used for translation of omeka is really a nice tool to use.

Yes, we looked at transifex too; it does not support some of the more advanced ICU messages we use, but we could probably translate 90% of the content this way. It’s great to hear that you’d be interested in helping out – we’ll set up a process to make that possible!

We set up Tropy at Transifex here: – we’ll likely have to tune the workflow a bit, but meanwhile translations and feedback is much appreciated.

Thanks @inukshuk I have requested to join the team, still pending.

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@symac, we’re still setting up the translation environment, but you should be approved now.

I am interested in translating Tropy documents into Japanese.
Could I join the team?

Yes! Please go to to create a translation account and join the Japanese translation team (where you will be the first member).


I applied for the team. Could anyone approve my account?

We released Tropy 1.0.3 in French and English today; thanks to our French experts @NMonteix @symac and @stakats for the great work!

Thanks to you.
What would be the best way to initiate the translation of the documentation?

@inukshuk, hi!

I’m planning to introduce Tropy to a group of local historians here in the Italian Alps, and having the interface in Italian would help a lot. I’ve been translating hundreds of strings for Omeka in recent months, and I should be able to translate into Italian all of the strings for Tropy. I applied to join the team on Transifex about a month ago, but no reply, yet. Any suggestions on the way forward? I suppose I could translate the .yml files in the repo, but Transifex should be the way to go.

hi @giocomai, this sounds great!

With apologies for the delay, you should be on the Transifex team by now. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions. I hope my Italian is good enough that maintenance won’t be an issue going forward, but I might ping you every now and then whenever there’s a batch of new strings for an update (if that’s OK with you, otherwise just let me know).

Sure, no problem!

I’ve started translating strings… there were a few tricky strings, but I found the explanation that you gave in comments to the translator to Japanese, very useful.

Everything looks good so far.

I should have all strings translated within the next couple of days!

This is awesome, thanks! We’ll release this in the coming days.

Can you send me a PM with how you would like to get attributed? This will go into the release notes, we might send out a Tweet, and we’ll list translators on our credits page (for the new website, working on that…).

Also, we’ll send out Tropy swag to all contributors as soon as we have new swag (working on that too), but we’ll be in touch when that’s ready.

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