Tropy 1.10 Slowdown - Add Transparency Toggle?

Hi there. I’m noticing that Tropy 1.10 runs significantly slower than previous versions on my Mac (Intel). I think the issue has to due with the transparency effects on the sidebar. I have many, many tags and now when I scroll down on in the tag bar my computer lags and it takes time for it to draw all the tag names. It also seems to be running slower in general

In the next update, would you be able to add a toggle to switch the transparency effects on and off within Tropy’s preferences? I don’t want to turn it off on my whole computer just because of Tropy (and it is only causing a problem with this one program).

All previous versions of Tropy have run silky smooth, so this is something of a disappointment.

Can you try turning off the effect in the system preferences to confirm that this is indeed causing the slowness?

Yes. I selected ‘Reduce Transparency’ in the ‘Accessibility’ preference pane, and Tropy definitely runs smoother, and I don’t get the lag when scrolling in the sidebar.

I’m sorry I should’ve clarified that in the original post. Once again, this really only causes a noticeable issue with Tropy.

and by the way, I had Tropy open when I switched on ‘Reduce Transparency’, and I got a warning that ‘Tropy is not responding’. I’m on macOS 11.6.1

OK thanks. We’ll take a look at it; we did contemplate a manual override to turn off the vibrancy effect so this is probably what we will do if we cannot find another solution. The effect in the background is coming from the native widget, but rendering on top of it is definitely more expensive.

Not responding is certainly not right, but the setting is one that is checked at creation time of the window (due to limitations we can’t subscribe to notifications for this one), so it would be expected that you have to close and re-open the window for the change to be in effect.

Just a quick update, because we released 1.11 today: we’re still looking into this and we’re likely going to disable the effect with the next update until we have a better tag management widget in place. The performance issue currently is caused mainly by the large tag list which isn’t being rendered efficiently (the visual effect exacerbates this).