Tropy and Embedded Metadata

Are there any plans to allow Tropy to read embedded metadata like IPTC/XMP beyond the basics?

I’m trying to build some use cases of Tropy vs. Adobe Bridge and this one seems to be in Bridge’s favor.

Maybe this is a future plugin that works with Exiftool (


Yes, we’re planning to add IPTC/XMP support.

Currently Tropy parses only EXIF, but it is utilizing only the orientation information, since adding most of the EXIF field’s to a photo’s metadata did not seem right. One idea to make this easily configurable via templates was to add all EXIF properties to Tropy’s vocabulary and then automatically populate the item metadata for each field in the template which exists in EXIF. But we need to spend some more thought on that and focusing on IPTC/XMP seems more worthwhile than EXIF.

We’re also looking to add import plugins for custom use cases.