Tropy connected to repository or archive or exhibit services

I honestly don’t know whether the following feature is there in tropy.

I have tropy that has lists of items of photos. This is then uploaded to OmekaS using the plugin.

I have taken care to have corresponding metadata fields, vocabs in both tropy and omekas.

Now, after uploading the item with several media and the items level metadata to omeka, is there any possibility to change the metadata in tropy later, and reupload but arrange to only update the corresponding items metadata changes. So that complete redundant reupload can be saved, bandwith and data can be saved, etc…

If it exists already please point me to how to use it. Or else, it would be a neat addition and saves lot of time for repository/archive/exhibit organizing community.

And so far, i have seen only plugin for omekas, but should tropy have plugins for other FOSS compatible repository software like Dspace or Invenio or Archivematica or Atom or Archivespace ?

please, help me get some clarification.

With the current plugin version, each export will create new items in Omeka S. To update existing items, I think the plugin would have to keep some kind of record of items it has uploaded previously, that’s certainly something we could consider in the future.

Omeka is obviously our preferred repository and we don’t currently have other export plugins, but we’re certainly happy to help writing plugins for the others as well.

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Wow !. I was about to ask a “Sync” Feature between the OmekaS and Tropy.

Why ?

Because in addition to above feature, sometimes for some valid practical reason people find OmekaS useful. For instance, recent OmekaS update brings a multiple media upload. But other than that, if i happen to change or update the resource template in OmekaS, it would be great to sync that here in Tropy locally again using the Omekas plugin.

Moreover, when scholars try to work with us paralelly in a running OmekaS instance, we collaborate mostly in live session with them (think workshops), where metadata already uploaded are either changed, removed, edited, etc… and some new properties are added from available vocabularies.

I thought about it, and it makes more sense to add a sync feature, just like in Zotero to sync between the Zotero server and the Zotero client.


I am going to propose local FOSS communities to engage with such awesome community and code contribution through a series of sessions on Semantic Web and its practical application/aid for Social sciences, humanities, arts, etc…

What do you think about it ? @inukshuk

@inukshuk I think the sync feature is such a necessary one atleast in longer run.

Let me explain you one of my use cases !

  1. I have used Tropy is primarily as reliable Offline First organizing tool where most of the metadata, listing, tagging, vocab mgmt testing, etc are done.
    OmekaS plugin along with OmekaS instances need to be connected only when preingest stage review is green flagged.
    This modular operation and connecting based on orchestrated workflow requirements will make more institutions and collectives to use Tropy in their Technology policies and practice. Because our region in world is not great with Electricity and Internet utillities - and the condition gets more unreliable in connectivity during our field work trips say for ex: ethography, anthropological studies.

  2. When persistent identifiers (for instance ark id) are configured in OmekaS, and mapped to a specific metadata properties in the resource templates, then sync feature will also help us get them into the tropy so that an offline version of the same shall be maintained.

    please suggest/comment on this.