Tropy crashed: "something went wrong"

Just updated Tropy earlier this week and it’s been a bit finicky- then this happened today. Not sure if there’s a way to get a log from Tropy to see what went wrong.

Do you know what you were doing before this happened?

If you have not started Tropy again since, you could post the main.log and project.log file (they should be in %APPDATA%\Tropy\log; if the Tropy window is still open, or if it crashes again, you can select Help -> Show log files to open that folder).

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When this happened I was unmerging/exploding some items that I decided were better off not clustered. Unfortunately I already restarted Tropy, but if it happens again and I’ll be sure to follow those instructions and get the log. I may not understand it, but I imagine it can be helpful for you and other developers

Yes, logs from crashes definitely helps us. Thanks!