Tropy crashes for no reason

when opening my project there are no entries or images in the preview display. if I click on any button, suddenly shows the message “Tropy has crashed”. The last thing I did was trying to merge two items into one (then the programm crashed, now it crashes every time I reopen the same project).
I join the project file and a screenshot to this message.

Bilddatenbank Staatspersonifikationen.tpy (264 KB)

Thank you, I’ll take a look at this!

Could you also post the main.log and project.log files? They can be found in the log folder at ~/Library/Application Support/Tropy Beta/log. Note that the Library folder may be hidden in Finder, depending on your view settings. You can open the folder from the Terminal via open ~/Library/Application\ Support/Tropy\ Beta/log/ or by selecting Help > Show log files from Tropy’s application menu.

here you go:
main.log (207 Bytes)
project.log (9.9 KB)

p.s. is there a way to go on working on the same project in the meantime?

Yes! You should be able to continue working on the same project. The easiest way is to download beta.4 which should include fixes for the issues you reported at:

Please let me know in case you can not open your project using this version.
Thanks again for your feedback!