Tropy crashing and struggling to consolidating

I am working with Tropy on two computers that refer to the same folder of photos. I uploaded a large quantity of photos in computer A. When I open the project on computer B, Tropy struggles to consolidate the photos and has crashed multiple times (I have the logs).

Could it be because I am working with HEIC files?

How is the folder shared? The error message suggests that there is an issue reading from the file system, which could be caused by a slow network share or external drive.

HEIC in general take a little longer in processing, because they can’t be displayed as is in WebGL and so Tropy creates full-sized variants first. But this shouldn’t cause resource timeouts.

Hello, the folder is shared via dropbox and accessed in computer A and computer B.

Unfortunately now computer A is showing errors too and not allowing me to open the tropy project saying:
SQlite_corrupt malformed database schema


If you’re sharing the project file via Dropbox it’s problematic if you open the project simultaneously. Dropbox will try to sync the file while it is opened by Tropy and typically this causes sync conflicts – I don’t know how exactly Dropbox handles those but this is certainly what happened here. Typically, Dropbox should have made copies of the conflicting files or allow you to restore the previous version.

Hello, Even with Tropy closed in one computer, the other computer (A) now shows the same error so I can’t access the data I processed anywhere:

The project shows with a triangle next to it

tropy.log (5.5 KB)

You need to restore the original file in the Dropbox, because this one was corrupted (this can happen if Dropbox changes the file while Tropy accesses it). If Dropbox notices sync conflicts it usually creates so called conflicted copy files. Is there file like this in your folder?

If there isn’t, and if there’s no way to restore a backup copy in Dropbox you can also share the corrupted tpy file with us and we’ll try to restore the project file from it.

Thanks @inukshuk I haven’t been able to restore the original file. Does it mean you can keep tropy files in Dropbox? I have my whole computer backed up in their cloud.

Where can I send the file? The file doesn’t seem corrupted but now it shows this error:

Hm, OK that last error seems totally unrelated. Do you keep seeing this if you restart Tropy?

As for the project file: the corrupted file is inside the project bundle. On macOS you can right-click on the project in Finder and select ‘Show package contents’ – this should open the contents in a new window. You can also navigate to the file in Dropbox, where the ‘.tropy’ file should appear as a normal folder that you can open. In the folder/bundle there is a file called ‘project.tpy’ – this is the file we need to restore.

If you’d like me to take a look you can send me a link to the file/folder here as a direct message. Ideally, I’d need to see the ‘project.tpy’ file as well as any ‘conflicted copy’ files that Dropbox may have created there.

In general you can use Dropbox our a similar cloud service to backup the entire project file. However, if you do so, you need to be careful that the file is not synced/changed while it’s currently open in Tropy. In practice this would only happen if you open the file from different computers. In this case it’s best to always make sure to close the project file when you’re done working; and before you open it make sure that Dropbox has synced to the latest version.