Tropy Crashing at Import

I just updated Tropy to 1.16.0 on my Mac (11.2.3) and it now crashed every time I try to import photos (.HEIC and .JPG). This is the error that results:

{“msg”:“unhandled error: Invalid URL”,“stack”:“Error: Invalid URL\n at show (/Applications/\n at /Applications/”,“system”:“Darwin 20.3.0 (arm64)”,“time”:1708940371951,“version”:“1.16.0”}

How are you importing the photos? Are you dragging the files from the desktop or another window (and if so, from which application), or do you import via the menu or plus icon and the file picker?

I have dragged them, and I have used File>Import (both folders and files, if I recall correctly).

And you get this error in both cases?

Could you restart Tropy, try to import a photo again and, if it fails copy and send the tropy.log file.

We have an unrelated bug in the current release that will show exactly this error, e.g. on macOS and Windows when you try to open the log folder (or any other folder). Perhaps that error confused you and the import was fine? Or the import failed but then you got that error when you tried to open the log file.