Tropy crashing during photo import

Hi there,

Really liking Tropy so far. I’ve imported hundreds of images to date, but recently it has started to crash when I try to add more than a few images at a time.

project.log (16.9 KB)

Any help is appreciated!

Thanks for letting us know!

Could you tell me which version of Windows you’re using, how many items, approximately, there are in your project and whether or not you have an SSD or regular hard drive? Thanks for your help!

I’m using Windows 10. I have 85 items of multiple page lengths (between 1 and 250 pages). All on a regular hard drive.

Thanks - let me know if you need any other info.

This has started happening to me as well. I originally started importing a batch of ~4000 from my HD, and around 3,500 closed the laptop to go somewhere. When I returned and tried to resume the transfer it crashed. Now any attempt to import a batch (even as small as 5 photos) crashes and I can only import 1 photo at a time. I’m also using Windows 10.

Thanks for this!

Would it be possible for either of you to send me your project files (only the .tpy, not any photos) either by uploading here or using a private message? I suspect that something has happened to the database to make it slower and, consequently, time-outs are triggered when importing photos in parallel.

I’d be happy to but I can’t actually figure out how to initiate a PM with the set up of this forum (what am I missing here?). Also happy to send via email to you.

Strangely, despite not working the last two days it seems that large imports are now working again. I’m still happy to provide the .tpy for reference, though, in case it happens again.

Thanks @msan1 for the link and @prcurtis I’m glad to hear it’s working again!

My guess is that this happens if the database gets into a bad state and, as a result, some of our queries take much longer than they should (leading to interrupts when you try import multiple items). At project shutdown we routinely run some database maintenance scripts so perhaps this is how the issue seemingly resolved itself. I’ll take a look at the other database to see if I notice anything that could be optimizied (ideally something that Tropy could do routinely).

Meanwhile, thanks for letting us know about this, or similar issues. Your feedback is much appreciated!

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This problem has been (fortunately) resolved with the latest update.