Tropy doesn't load without admin privileges

Hello, I am trying to use Tropy on my work computer. It seems to have installed ok, but when I click on the shortcut, nothing happens. I asked the IT person at my institution to start Tropy as an admin, and then it opened. But I can’t contact the IT staff every time I need to work with documents :slight_smile: What do I need to do to open it without being the administrator? Windows 10 Education, 64-bit.

Did you install Tropy as administrator? You can check by looking where the shortcut on the desktop links to. With the current installer, Tropy should have been placed into %AppData%\Local\tropy (you can open this by typing %AppData% into the quick access bar in Windows Explorer). If Tropy is installed there, you might check the files owner (e.g., %AppData%\Local\tropy\app-1.8.1\tropy.exe).

Yep, I did install it as administrator. Tropy is installed in AppData/Local/tropy. When I click on AppData/Local/tropy/app-1.8.1/tropy.exe, I still get nothing, just like when clicking on the Desktop shortcut icon.

Can you check the Task Manager to see if there are any Tropy processes still running and then close them? There seems to be an issue on the installer’s first-run where the process gets stuck and when you try to start Tropy afterwards only the stuck process gets re-activated: I’m still investigating this issue but it’s possible that this is what happened in your case as well. So, basically, make sure all Tropy processes have quit and only then try to start it again. Does that work?

Otherwise, it’s possible that the issue is caused because of the fact that it was installed with admin privileges. I’d try to uninstall and then try again, make sure that there is nothing left both in %AppData%\Local\tropy and %AppData%\Roaming\Tropy before installing without admin privileges.

Yes! Shut the three (!) Tropy processes down in Task Manager, and it ran without a problem. Thank you!