Tropy for MAc not recognizing IIIF plugin

Hi. I have the updated version of Tropy running on my Macbook Pro (OS Ventura 13.5) and after I download the IIIF plugin it, it does not allow me to choose any of the files in the downloaded folder. Thanks. GM

Hi! Could you try importing via the Plugin one more time and then check the log file for errors?

I suspect that you downloaded the plugin source code instead of the compiled plugin from the release page (here is a direct link to the right file). If that’s the case, just remove the plugin and install it again.

Unfortunately, no that is not the problem. The link you sent me downloads a folder with four files (icon.svg; index.js; package.json; third-party licenses.txt). When I try to access any of these through the Tropy plugin install, none of them are acessible (i.e., they are shadowed as choices, not full-color options).
Thanks, G

That’s the right link but I assume your browser or file manager automatically unpacked the ZIP file? The plugin installer expects a ZIP file. (Alternatively you can manually install the plugin by putting those four files into a new folder in the plugins directory – if you do that, Tropy should detect the plugin at startup.)