Tropy freezed when closing, not responding

I was having some trouble with Tropy, with many files that would not show up. I tried closing Tropy to see whether it was just a temporary problem and it started sending a few error messages, and then loaded the open/create project vindow. I cannot either reopen my tropy project nor close normally, it seems stuck in some in-between and I am afraid to force exit Tropy and lose some info in the meanwhile. Please someone help me, I can send screenshots and errors logs if necessary.
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What were the error messages you got? If you don’t remember exactly, they should still be in the log file (tropy.log if you have not restarted Tropy yet, tropy.log.1 otherwise).

Here is the log file :

I have not force quit Tropy, it is still freezed and looks like this for now :

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OK in this case the project window has already been closed and it’s fine to force quit Tropy; there is no temporary state here that could get lost. Normally Tropy saves all changes to file immediately after you make them so it’s unlikely that you would lose data.

The question is what exactly went wrong here. Judging by the log file you opened the project from the Documents folder and right away missing images were reported (also in the Documents folder); then also images from the image cache are reported as missing and finally the database file was locked as well. This looks like Tropy suddenly couldn’t access the hard disk anymore – in my experience this would only happen if there’s a hardware issue or because of OS-level changes to file permissions. I assume there are not other issues accessing the hard disk, right? Did you maybe update the macOS recently (which could have resulted in updated file permissions)?

In any case, I would suggest to make a backup copy of your project file. Force quit and then restart Tropy and try to open the project file again. If photos are still reported as missing, I’d double check to see if they are really still there (if, for example, you renamed or moved one of the folders in the path). The paths of missing photos is printed in the log file. You can check if a file exists, for example by opening the Terminal and listing file attributes like this:

    ls -l "/Users/alexandararroyo/Documents/1. Thèse/Archives/Bibliothèques/VRS24/352_20220121T223350_22_33_50.jpg"

If the file’s path has not changed this should print the file details. If this fails it’s most likely that the path has changed and you need to consolidate the photo in Tropy.

hello, I have closed and restarted tropy, everyting seems to be at its place.
Thanks a lot !