Tropy is Crashing

Troopy is Crashing whenever I am doing something like importing and consolidating. It shows the error message “Unfortunately, this Tropy window has crashed. You can help by reporting this issue at GitHub - tropy/tropy: Research photo management
Version 1.16.1 (arm64)

Also, I would like to know how I can use the trophy on two different computers. I have saved the top and my images in an external drive, and both computers are Mac. But still, it doesn’t appear as consolidated.

If you put your photos and the .tpy project file on an external drive, the best practice is to set the project to link to your photos using relative paths. You can do this in the project preferences. When the project is set to using relative paths, you should be able to open it from another device connected to the external drive.

If Tropy is crashing during import or consolidation, I suspect there’s an issue with one of the image drivers. Can you narrow down the issue: for example, if you import images one by one into a new project, does it crash every time? Does it crash only for a certain type of image (e.g., jpeg, png, etc.)? Does it crash when you import multiple photos in a batch? Does it crash every time for some specific photos but works for others?