Tropy is not opening - Macbook Pro


I have been using Tropy for a while, but since last week I’m unable to open it. I have tried to delete and reinstall de software, but the problem was not solved. The message of error is this:

{“msg”:“unhandled error: Failed to get ‘documents’ path”,“stack”:“Error: Failed to get ‘documents’ path\n at (/Applications/\n at Tropy.showProjectWindow (/Applications/\n at Tropy.openMostRecentProject (/Applications/\n at (/Applications/\n at App. (/Applications/”,“system”:“Darwin 23.3.0 (x64)”,“time”:1709135626149,“version”:“1.16.1”}

At start-up Tropy is resolving the paths to some default folders (documents and pictures) via the OS. For some reason it looks like in your case it fails to resolve the documents folder. Is your Documents folder there or is there anything unusual about it?