Tropy library opening but not visible

Hi there, I have my Tropy image files and TPY files stored in my Google Drive so they can be used on several different computers, but my Windows computer has developed a glitch with opening the libraries.

Click Tropy
The icon pops up in the toolbar, indicating it is open
Hover over it, shows the library window, on whatever file I last had open
Use the Windows ‘show desktops’ button, it’s sitting there open in one of my desktops

But I cannot access it anywhere.

If I right-click on the icon to open the library from ‘Recent items’, it gives me the error ‘The item you selected is unavailable…’

If I copy the TPY file to my desktop, it opens fine, but then won’t sync with my other computer (a Mac, the smaller one I use for travel).

I assume this is something to do with Google Drive / syncing settings, but any suggestions what? It worked perfectly fine until at least the start of the year (my project has been paused for a month or two).

Windows 11 Enterprise, Tropy 1.13.1


This is odd. It sounds like in the first case the window is rendered off-screen. This can happen, particularly on Windows if you use multiple monitors. We need to add a few more safeguards there, but basically, Tropy remembers the window dimension and position and restores that at startup. Usually there’s OS specific functionality to collect windows on your current screen but I’m not sure how this works on Windows 11, particularly with multiple desktops. There’s a way we can work around this though.

When you copied the file and opened it, I suspect that Tropy was still open with the missing window. This means that when you double-clicked the copy of the project, Tropy opens it in a new window (not restoring the old position) that’s why the window showed up there.

In any case, if you can’t make the window show up, you can force Tropy to forget the window placement like this:

  1. Make sure Tropy is stopped (e.g. by stopping the process from the task manager or by restarting the computer).
  2. In Windows Explorer click on the location bar and enter %APPDATA%\Tropy to open Tropy’s user data folder.
  3. In this folder there’s a state.json file which contains some information about your local installation like recent files and the window placement.
  4. This file is not crucial so you can just remove it. Alternatively, you could edit the file to remove just the window placement and retain your other settings, but that’s more complicated. If you’re OK with opening your project again manually then just deleting this file should be fine.
  5. Once the file is deleted, start Tropy again (it’s really important that Tropy was closed because otherwise it would still retain the old state information). Since Tropy now does not remember your recent projects it should open an the new project window. Instead of creating a project there you can hit Ctrl+O or select File -> Open from the menu and then select the project in your Google Drive folder.

Ah, that’s done it! Perfect, thank you. It is quite possible that I haven’t been using it on a split screen for a while so haven’t noticed the issue before, but I will remember to delete the state.json file if I have troubles.


I would hope that there is an easier way to do this in Windows (collect windows which moved off-screen basically).

But that’s also something we should address when restoring the window position (some sanity check to ensure that the coordinates are actually visible on the current monitor configuration).