Tropy minimized view

Hi everyone,

Since a few days, Tropy only shows up in a minimized window instead of a maximized one. It does so when opening the program as a whole as well as when opening a specific project. When going through my windows using alt-tab, I can see Tropy next to all my other tabs, but again, I seem unable to open the program. I did not deliberately change anything to the software, nor did I move any files. Since I am unable to even enter the program, I have no idea how to fix this without reinstalling. Would anybody know how to solve this issue?

edit: my OS is Windows 10.

Thanks in advance!

Could you try to press Shift + Ctrl and then right click on the Tropy icon in the taskbar, then select Restore or Maximize?

Shift + Ctrl and then Maximize did the job.

Thank you so much for this!