Tropy project database lost

Hi, I’ve recently switched computers, from one mac to another using migration assistant, which should have kept the Tropy database intact. However, once I tried to open my dissertation project, the project would not open; instead it showed an error message saying the project database was lost. Can you please help me relocate it and consolidate the photos (all on Google Drive) once again? This database is so important for my in-progress dissertation!

My guess is that the paths are slightly different on your new Mac (for example, because you have a different username). In order to open the project file, we must first find it. Do you remember where you saved the project file to originally? If you don’t, I’d look in the Documents folder first, because that is the default location. Alternatively, you can just search for .tpy files in Finder or Spotlight.

If you can’t find the file anywhere, but if the project is still visible as a ‘recent project’ in the Tropy app menu or project window, then you can look up the original path to the file by opening the state.json file in your user-data folder. To get to the user-data folder, select Help -> Show user-data folder from the Tropy app menu. You can open this file in any text editor; try not change anything and look for the list of recent projects, which should include the path to your project file on the old Mac.

Once you’ve found and opened the project file, you’ll likely have to consolidate the photos. If you haven’t moved them, this will probably work automatically after consolidating a single photo manually.