Tropy sudden crash

It happens to me that Tropy crashes after working for a while on moving pictures/adding metadata but I never really understood the pattern. Except that I usually ‘feel it coming’, as Tropy slows down a little bit. Usually I close down Tropy, and restart it, which avoids the crash. This time Tropy slowed down a bit, I didn’t close it, and then it crashed (nothing lost and working again fine), I attach the log. Can you have a look to see what happened and if I did something wrong?

tropy.log (615.8 KB)

Thanks for the log. There is one error in there which points to a problematic race condition when swapping out photos in the image viewer: that’s something we’ll address! It’s unlikely that this is the cause of the crash, but it may well be related – I suspect it has to do with the WebGL texture cache which Tropy utilizes rather aggressively. It’s an area where we have more debugging planned.

When you notice the slow down next, could you capture the log file at that moment, i.e., before a potential crash? Another log after the crash would be interesting too, but mainly I’d be curious to know if that image viewer error shows up again.

In the meantime, if this is really related to the texture cache, then reloading (as opposed to restarting) the window should help avoid the crash as well – you can reload the window with Ctrl/Cmd+R and this should be much quicker than restarting Tropy.

Thanks! So I’ll keep working without closing Tropy at all and as soon as I notice this sort of ‘slow down’ that is usually announcing a crash, I’ll post the log here.

When you mean another log after the crash, you mean once I had to close down Tropy and then re-open it? I’m asking because the log I posted here is the one that I could download right after the window ‘Tropy has crashed’ appeared.

So Tropy just crashed this time while importing a new batch of 250 photos. I was about to close it down anyway as it was taking about 20 seconds to import just one photo. And then after about 60 photos imported it crashed on its own. I’ll email you the log it produced (the files are too large to be posted here). And I also will email a couple of other logs when I started noticing Tropy was slowing down. (By slowing down I mean that for instance when clicking on the title of an item, it took 2 seconds to let me input something, and then 3 or 4 seconds). Let me know if you need anything else.

The crash just happened again: I had imported a single folder that contained a large number of pictures (500 or so) and Tropy crashed several times as I was simply renaming and giving a date to the items one after the other. So far, I was able to reload Tropy every now and then, after having worked on different folders, to avoid such crashes. But in this instance, perhaps because the folder was larger than usual, it just happened and I didn’t have time to reload Tropy. I witnessed Tropy slowing down, but I kept on working, and then it crashed. But when I did reload Tropy, then Tropy came back to ‘normal speed’ and slowed down again, before then crashing. I attach the last log.

tropy copie.log (43.1 KB)