Tropy "timed out"

Hi there, so this isn’t a big issue and its easy to work around, but it is something that I want to make sure does not become a bigger issue. So this has happened a few times now, where I open Tropy through its desktop app and this screen pops up.

All I have to do to get around this is close Tropy and this pop-up window, then double click on my tpy file (which doesn’t actually open Tropy, likely because Im on Windows), then re-open Tropy through its desktop app and then Tropy opens up my project like it should have the first time.
I have already had some issues with Tropy due to my own fault where I lost a fair amount of work. Since then I have done a lot reading on these forums and I am rather confident that I wont lose any more work in the future. But I don’t see anything about this issue on the forums, and to say the least, this issue makes me nervous that something might go wrong and I’ll lose more of my work this time.

Has anybody else had this issue? Is there anything serous to worry about here?

Thanks for reporting!

The main issue here is something we’re aware of: basically, it means that the database connection is relatively slow on your computer. Especially at the beginning, Tropy will load a lot of data out of your project database and a slow connection makes it more likely that a timeout occurs. If that happens, the workaround would be to try again: like you say, restart Tropy completely or just reload the project. I don’t think that clicking on the tpy file in between would affect this, but, in any case, thank you for pointing out that this does not open the project – that’s something we’ll have to look at!

A number of factors are at play when it comes to timeouts. If you could send us a log file it will help us optimize the parameters and queries for environments like yours. It’s not necessary for the log file to capture the actual timeout in this case: having used Tropy for a couple of minutes, select Help -> Show log files from the menu and upload the project.log file here. Thanks again!

Sorry that I am just now getting back to this, but here is my project log. Thanks for the assurances!

project.log (27.5 KB)