Tropy Workshops at your institution

Hello Tropy users! :tropy:

Given the many changes in the social media landscape over the past year, we (the outreach team) will be focusing more of our posts here on the forums. We wanted to start by drawing attention to one of our main activities: Tropy workshops.

If you’ve ever thought “wouldn’t it be great to hold a Tropy workshop for my colleagues/students this semester?” or “wouldn’t it be nice if our library staff knew more about Tropy?”–the outreach team is here to help! We frequently present virtual and in-person workshops in which we go over basic and advanced features of Tropy for all types of researchers looking to get a handle on their images. Get in touch with one or both of us for more information. We look forward to hearing from you! :scroll: :camera_flash: :computer: :open_book:

Douglas McRae (RRCHNM, George Mason University)
Americas (EN/ES)

Anita Lucchesi (C2DH, University of Luxembourg)
Europe/Brazil (EN/PT/IT/)

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Feel free to drop a reply in this topic as well if you have any questions or requests in terms of help with Tropy at your university/institution/library/research group.