Tropy's support for Chinese search is poor

Tropy’s support for Chinese search is poor, Chinese rarely uses spaces, which results in Tropy only being able to search the first few Chinese words。

Yes, unfortunately the tokenizer used for the full-text index requires explicit word boundaries such as spaces and punctuation. I hope we’ll be able to improve this and use SQLite’s ICU tokenizer in a future version. I would also like to add a way to do contains/suffix matching on the full-text index which would at least allow you to use a query like *男.

Furthermore, the current quick find functionality queries only the full-text indices. We’re going to add more advanced search functionality in one of the upcoming releases which will allow you to query values directly. While this is much slower, it will also allow you to search for phrases regardless of word boundaries.

So I’m afraid there is no quick fix right away, but the situation should improve with the advanced search feature.

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Thanks🙏That would be nice