Trouble Installing (Windows 10, 64-bit, Dell Inspiron)

Hello, I’ve tried downloading and installing Tropy on two different Dell Inspirons (one is a Dell Inspiron 15 7000 series and the other is a Dell Inspiron 13 7000) that are both 64-bit (confirmed in the Settings > Device > About) and every time I click on the installer it opens a green screen for about 2 seconds before it closes and reverts to the desktop. I have done all updates, restarted both computers, and no change. Any advice?

Can you tell if the installation itself succeeded? You can find out by checking if Tropy is listed in Settings > Apps and, more importantly, by checking in %AppData%\Roaming. To do this, just open Windows Explorer and enter %AppData% in the quick access bar, then check if the Tropy folder exists.

If Tropy was actually installed, please post the log file at %AppData%\Roaming\Tropy\log\tropy.log – it may contain more information about what went wrong.

Finally, please tell me the exact Windows 10 version, which can be found in Settings > System > About. Thanks!

I don’t think the installation itself succeeded - although Tropy appears in the Apps list, the icon does not (it just has the image of a blank window next to it), and I could not find anything when searching %AppData%\Roaming\Tropy\log\tropy.log

Windows specifications are as follows:
Edition: Windows 10 Home
Version: 2004
OS build: 19041.572
Experience: Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.31.0

Thanks for your help!

Was the Tropy icon placed on the Desktop? And does %AppData%\Local\tropy exist? In this case, please try this:

  • Open the Task Manager and make sure that no Tropy process is running (just use End Task to close any processes there are); alternatively you could restart Windows which should also close any open tasks.
  • Go to %AppData%\Local\tropy\app-1.8.1 and double-click the tropy.exe there.

I was just able to reproduce this issue by re-installing Tropy: after the installation the app did not start-up correctly, the process was just hanging. Upon starting Tropy again, the original, hanging, process was activated – after quitting that process and then starting Tropy as described above, everything was back to normal. We’ll fix this asap, meanwhile, I hope that you can get it to work like this!

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