Two bugs in print with tif and csv plugin

hi sir,

when I print a whole project, I find the tif image files cannot be printed to the paper/pdf. I searched and know Tropy had support tiff files, I am not sure if this is my own problem.

second, when I export my document to a csv file, the notes lost, even I had plus the function of “include note”. if copy, the problem will disappear.

by the way, did Tropy provide the function of sorting items? when I print one of my projects in Tropy, I find the order is not sorted by list, tag, file path or any metadata, which give me a lot of trouble in later works. is it I have not found?

You’re right, printing TIFF images is broken in 1.5.4, yes. We have already fixed it in the 1.6 beta which will be released soon.

I will take a look at the CSV plugin: this might be related to the encoding issue you reported. I’ll post here when the CSV plugin is updated.

Tropy will generally print the items in the order in which you select them. Try this: select one item, then select another item while holding the Ctrl/Cmd key, and then a third item. Then press Ctrl/Cmd+P to print. The items should be printed in the order you selected the items.

If no items are selected, Tropy will print all the items in your current view in the order in which they are currently displayed. For instance, if you select a list and then print, you will get the items in the current order; you can reverse the order by clicking on the position column in the item table and printing again.

ok, thank you for answer! I understand.

but could the tropy equip an auto sorting function by metadatas or other information in future. because we ususally process thousands of images, I am hard to remenber the information of all the pictures I inputed. A sorting function will help scholars’ study.

You can already sort by metadata in the item table: right click on the column headers to add the metadata property you wish to sort by. Once added, you can sort by that property in ascending or descending order by clicking repeatedly on the column.

The sorting itself is currently string/byte based; we’re working to add support for international collations in one of the upcoming 1.6.x point releases.