Unable to advance edit photos

I can open photos in item view but when I open the sliders in advance edit and make adjustments nothing happens. My photos are stored on a nas drive.



The image filters are all implemented GL shaders, so this sounds like WebGL is not available on your device or that your graphics card or driver is ‘blacklisted’ (in both cases Tropy falls back to a 2d canvas where the advanced sliders have no effect). Can you post your tropy.log file or tell us which operating system you’re using (and if you happen to know your graphics card that might help, too).

Sorry for the delay in replying.
I’m using the software on a 2011 MacBook Pro running OS Sierra 10.13.1
The graphics are listed as:
AMD Radeon HD 6750M and
Intel HD Graphics 3000.

I suspect too old to accommodate the WebGL.


Hmm, yes, I believe the Intel GPU on older MacBooks is blacklisted by Chromium. However, it’s possible that it still works. You could try to start Tropy this way using the macOS Terminal:

/Applications/Tropy.app/Contents/MacOS/Tropy --ignore-gpu-blacklist

That is assuming Tropy is installed in the global Applications folder. This would try to force WebGL support which might just work or otherwise make the item viewer show only a black rectangle.

Another alternative may be the dedicated AMD GPU. Is this one of the MacBook models where you can turn on the dedicated GPU explicitly in the system preferences? If you could try to make sure the dedicated GPU is active, WebGL might also start working.

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