Unable to Download Tropy on macOS

I’ve been unable to retrieve the software from Tropy.org general homepage. There’s a loading wheel continually spinning in the middle of the screen so I couldn’t find any link to download the app. Any clues on how to get that right?


The download widget on tropy.org looks good for me. I suspect you landed on tropy.github.io for some reason? This is where the website assets are hosted but the download widget only works when you access site via the tropy.org domain.

Be that as it may, you can always download the latest version from the release page. For macOS pick either of the two DMG files. If you have a newer Mac pick the arm64 version; if you have an older Mac with an Intel processor pick the x64 version.

Thanks for reporting!

Thanks a lot! I double checked and I actually accessed it through the tropy.org domain! (The same thing happened yesterday with the loading wheel from another iMac)

Oh, then we should look into it! Does it still not load for you? Could you tell me what macOS version and which browser you’re using?

Nevermind, we found the issue. Should be back to normal in a few minutes!