Unable to import photos - error message

I am new to Tropy and have just created a new project, but don’t seem to be able to import any photos. The following error message appears:
SQLITE_CONSTRAINT: CHECK constraint failed: photos

By way of background - I downloaded Tropy early last year on a different computer and created a test project that seemed to work fine. I have since changed over to a new computer (both computers are running on Windows 10). I’m having the same problem trying to import files to the original test file.

Thanks for reporting this issue! You are not the only one affected by this, so there certainly seems to be something wrong there. However, I have not been able to reproduce this on Windows 10 myself. Would you mind posting one of the photos that failed to import so that I can take a look at it?

If you could also upload your test project (the .tpy file) and the project.log according to the following steps, that might help us figure out what’s wrong:

  1. Open your test project in Tropy
  2. Open the preferences (via the Edit menu) and enable Developer mode
  3. Try to import a photo
  4. After it fails, select Help -> Show log files from the menu
  5. This should open the file manager in the folder containing your project.log file, which you can upload here
  6. Open the preferences and disable developer mode again

Many thanks for your help!

Thanks for the quick reply!

When I went to upload these files here, I got a message that the selected photo was too big. So before going further, I thought I’d see if that also made a difference to importing the files. I’ve now tried resizing the photo (from 2074KB to 476KB) and was able to successfully import it.

However, this wasn’t a problem earlier in the year when I did the test project. I had images that were even larger and they imported fine then.

Happy to upload the photos and project log file here, but just thought I’d give you this update in case that changes what you need.

It should be fine importing the larger version of your photos (there are some, unrelated issues if a your photo’s dimensions in pixels, exceeds your GPU’s texture size, but this is not likely to be the case here). We recently made changes to the way Tropy extracts metadata from the photos during import and I am pretty sure that this what was causing the error. My guess is that the tool you used to resize the photo also cleared (or fixed) the metadata embedded in your photo. If you could send me the original photo (the one which failed to import) at sylvester.keil@gmail.com that would be a tremendous help.

Thanks for sending me the photo. Turns out the issue, in this case, was an invalid EXIF orientation field embedded in the picture; it was good of Tropy to detect the invalid field, but we’ll be more lenient in the future. Thanks again!

No problem at all.
Does this mean that for the time being I need to correct my photos before importing them? When is it likely that this issue will be fixed in Tropy?

Tropy 1.4 will come out in the next couple of days, stay tuned!

That’s great to hear! I look forward to using it.