Unable to open Tropy on Windows 10 with multiple users

We are trying to share a project with Tropy - Some users are Mac and some are Windows 10. The mac users are able to use Tropy 1.4.5 no problem with each other. The Windows 10 users are unable to open that same project in Tropy. If the program does open it asks to create a new project. Is there a way that this program will be multi user friendly in the future? Is there some advice you can give us to use with multiple users?

Thank you

First, I’m assuming you’re using an experimental portable project in a shared folder, right? If your shared folder is set up and working on Windows (i.e., you can view the project file and photos, for example, using Windows Explorer) then you just need to point Tropy to the right project file. We’ll make it more obvious how this is done, but currently, when Tropy opens the new project wizard you can press Ctrl-O (or press the ‘Alt’ key to show the menu and then select File -> Open) to select and open your existing project file.

Dear Tatuh,

Would you be willing to tell me how you’ve set up your portable project for sharing? I’m trying to share a project with another Mac user, and I’ve tried setting up shared folders in OneDrive and Dropbox. Neither one has worked (one or the other of us can’t view the photos), so it would be good to know exactly how you’ve managed to do it.

Many thanks.

Here is a quick way to test a shared folder setup:

  1. In your shared folder (e.g., Dropbox) create a new folder ‘Test Project’
  2. In Tropy, enable developer mode in the preferences window.
  3. Create a new project with any name and change its location to be in the ‘Test Project’ folder.
  4. Open the project and ‘rebase’ it from the Developer menu (the rebase action is a toggle, so be sure to do this only once!)
  5. Move an image into the folder ‘Test Project’.
  6. Import the image from that folder into Tropy.
  7. Disable developer mode again and quit Tropy.

At this point you should have the shared folder containing your tpy file and one image. On your other device, setup your shared folder, make sure it is synced (i.e., it contains both files) and then open the project.

(Again, please be aware that it’s currently very easy to overwrite your own changes if you share a project this way, so it’s always a good idea to make frequent backups.)