Unbale to install Tropy Plugin CSV

Hello Tropy users!

I have Tropy Version 1.14.0 (x64) installed on my Mac (OS Ventura).
I tried to install a tropy plugin to export my project to CSV following all the described steps, but nothing appears in the Tropy Preferences window, under the tab plugins. I click on install plugin, select the dowloaded file that I previously re-zipped because my Mac unzipped it after download, and click on open. Then nothing changes in the window, it is empty. I am therefore not able to enable the plugin. However, when I open the plugin folder, the plugin is there. I tried with different versions, latest and a few previous ones.

This is the plugin I tried to Install:

I remember that when I installed tropy I had to chose a particular version because of my OS. Could that be the origin of the problem?

Thank you for your help.

Did you download the tropy-plugin-csv-v3.2.0.zip file? The source code zip file automatically provided by GitHub won’t work unfortunately.

If you downloaded the correct file maybe something happened when you re-zipped the folder. With zip files it’s easy to either omit the root folder (or to add an extra one). When Tropy unzips the plugin into the plugin folder it’s important that folder hierarchy is right. If you look at the plugins folder, it should look exactly like this:

A single folder for the plugin with those four files exactly. If that’s how it looks for you, could you restart Tropy and post your log file? In that case there is some other issue.

Thank you for your answer.

I re-downloaded the plugin from the link you provided me (I didn’t download the source code the first time, but I tried again). Once unzipped, it looks like the picture in your message:

Then I re zipped it, opened it from the Tropy preferences / plugins window by clicking on install a plugin and nothing happens. The windows looks the same as before clicking on Install a plugin.

The issue is still there.

In Tropy you can open the plugins folder via the menu Help > Show plugin folder. It’s important that the installed folder looks exactly like in your and my screenshot.

Instead of re-zipping the file and installing it in Tropy you can also move the folder as above into your plugins folder and restart Tropy (that’s basically what the installation procedure does).

Thank you very much inukshuk, it worked.
I opened the plugin folder from Help > Show plugin folder and moved the downloaded unzipped file there. Then I restarted tropy and could activate the plugin.

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